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STUDY ME - Redesign of student dashboard 

Internship in StudyMe. Working in group of Seyoung Kim & Xinyao He

the main purpose for this internship are to design and assess the student profile interface and make UX recommendations. The final output will be a proposed re-design of the profile screen elements, sign up screens, digital marketing and emails, along with a rationale.

SHOP WITH FUN - Group Project with ISPT Brief 

To create and combine future thinking into rebuild the shopping centre community. ideas come to collaborate with ISPT technique, to bring the immersive experience and museum into the shopping centre, in order to turn the centre spaces into an art exhibition for the local community. Inspiration comes from the White night festival that provides platforms for designers to show their works.  We will keep the pop-up spaces(cubes) to be a museum for local designers to display their artworks. On other hand will be installed different interactive walls that were mentioned before to create immersive space and sound interaction for people to play with. In addition, to attract more people to visit we want to target the family group, developing a children section for kids to play around in the shopping centre to collect AR or series of animations designed by local artists in order to increase passenger flow and the time customers stay, if successfully collect all cards/animations in a time frame then children have taken this checkpoint to win souvenirs.

Nighttime - Animation for First impression website

The credibility of the Internet age. The idea comes up within as an interactive experience that to see how they are different from what people think they look like as first impressions. It's website format, the user can pick and choose their own pathway to test out their own characters/personality. The whole concept is inspired by what I had been experienced such as posts on social media, the reader comments and reviews, news and etc. How people often believe in the truth of one thing or person because of only one picture, one video or just an interview, a post from the internet. 

Short advert video on pet caring. 

 How our behaviours and our misunderstanding will affect pets. Especially to pet owners to be concerned and pay attention to the importance of facing pets care, so that emotional illness or mental health from both sides will be reduced.

360 video - video editing. The way WE dance

Motion design - Sixteen''

The storyline will base about different shots filmed in a theme about two topics late night and day time. Ideas were about to show young people’s inner struggle and confuse of growing pains, how they define the authenticity that the society taught us how to distinguish the so-called being good and bad.

Advert video for mobile application - transportation 

Transport Comparison App will base develop by featuring the design functions with basic transport app will contain such as a map, locating service, transports timetable and journey planner. In addition to this will add on calculator functions in order to let the user calculate how much they can save by choosing different types of transportation. Where it record data from users and help them calculate their fees, money they save by setting up a goal. 

Spooky Square 

         Group Project - Halloween promotion AR application for Federation Square

         Incharge of application UI design and style guide design

Motion Graphics - background concept on influencer culture

Post it notes - hand drawn Animation 

Motion Graphics 1

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